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Somatic Stress & Trauma Therapy

 Discover the freedom and relaxation that comes from resolving trauma and stress held in your body.

Build Resiliency
Our work is to skillfully assist you through a process that will help you to regenerate your own natural rhythms of regulation, from stress to relaxation. This in turn will help build resiliency and enhance your functionality.
Tailored To You
As a stress and trauma resolution specialist, I tailor your healing process precisely to your unique circumstances and history. My  work is that of a shepherding guide, skillfully supporting your system towards unwinding the patterns that prevent you and your body from inhabiting the entirety of your experience, the difficult as well as the beneficent.

“Self-regulation depends on having a friendly relationship with your body. Without it you have to rely on external regulation - from medication, drugs like alcohol, constant reassurance, or compulsive compliance with the wishes of others.“


                       Bessel Van Der Kolk. M.D.    The Body Keeps The Score


We Understand
Your Pain

When the underlying issues that cause dysregulation

remain unresolved and locked in place, a complex myriad of expressions can result. These can cause ongoing suffering that often feels overwhelming and impossible to mange.


Our work is to compassionately and skillfully help you mange and resolve these expressions.


Some of these are:

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Disconnection

- Tension

- Terror

- Panic

- Hypervigilance

- Dissociation

- Extreme Distress

- Frozen / Numb

- Hyper-reactivity

The added pressures of this fast paced modern life  can trigger any of us into acute levels of these expressions at any time. It is therefore a wise choice to be proactive in your dysregulation management and get support at the early signs of chronic stress.

Start your personal healing journey today. Feel the freedom and relief that comes from releasing the locked patterns of suffering held within your body and psyche.
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